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Understanding My Channel Lineups

  • A channel lineup is the list of channels that may be viewed in the schedule grid.
  • Basic lineups may be for over-the-air stations or from cable, satellite and Over-the-Top content providers.
  • TitanTV allows you to create and maintain multiple channel lineups.
  • To switch to another lineup, select it from the drop down box on the navigation bar on the Schedule page. The grid will redraw to display the selected lineup's schedule.
  • The channel lineup specified as the Default Lineup will be used every time the grid page is displayed.
  • To select another lineup as the default, click its Set as Default button.
  • To create a new channel lineup, click the Create New Lineup button and follow the prompts.
  • The Create Custom Lineup button allows you to make a customized lineup containing just the channels you want to include.
  • A custom lineup can contain only the channels you watch most often. Lineups could be dedicated to specific types of programming. For example, one with sports channels only, another for movie channels, a third with children's programming, and so on.
  • To share a customized lineup with another TitanTV member, copy the Share Token's 54-character string and email it to another member.
  • To add a lineup from another member, click the Create Lineup from Token button and paste the Token's string into the entry box. Click Save to close the box and create the copied custom lineup.
  • Change a lineup's displayed name and its other properties clicking its Edit Information button.
  • The Edit Channels button allows you to add new channels to a lineup and hide unwanted ones.
  • Delete an unwanted channel lineup by clicking on the red X in the top right corner of its box.
  • A lineup cannot be deleted while it is selected as the Default.
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Cable - Sterling
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How to Switch Between Channel Lineups

If the TV Listings grid is not displaying the channels you want, you can switch to a different set of channels by using the drop down list in "Channel Lineup" toolbar shown below.

Note: This is a sample image and is not functional.

If the channel lineup you want is not listed, click on the "+" (Add) button and follow the steps to create your preferred channel lineup.

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